What is cloud computing and what benefits does it offer?

During the last decade, cloud computing has become a key term in the IT industry. We often hear about this concept. But do we know what is cloud computing? People have been using it through Gmail and Google docs, but they never thought it includes cloud services. The cloud is such a place where everything is synchronized and connected. In this virtual environment, there is no running around to organize your personal or corporative info. You can access everything (photos, videos, contacts, movies) at any time through cloud computing.

The era of cloud computing begins now

The word cloud in cloud computing also refers to large data centers. Today, the field of computing is able to consider a transition to the era of cloud computing because of the breathtaking advances in computer technology in the new century. Advances include the development of the Internet, the worldwide adoption of access to the Internet, data centers, etc.

The immense benefits of cloud computing

Cloud computing technology offers many great benefits for users. The cloud service provider owns and manages all resources such as electricity required for a cloud computing data center. Users availing of cloud services just plug into the cloud. They do not need to make a large initial investment on resources, the necessary space to accommodate them, the electricity needed, and hiring staff to administer the system, network and database.

A safe and affordable solution

Using cloud hosting services customers may increase or decrease the amount of IT resources and services in a flexible schedule. Of course, pay-per-use fees are much lower than the cost of maintaining local resources. It provides great solutions for businesses, and you do not need to be connected to your computer as you can use your mobile device to access your cloud anywhere. And with data integrity and safety being the main concern in our world, effective cloud security solutions are used to protect user’s privacy. For example, when a user deletes his data, it is automatically deleted from all the back-up data bases created by clouds.

The amount of work required keeping the hardware or the software up and running is a difficult task. Today this problem can be solved. So what is cloud computing? With this unique technology you do not need an expensive staff to work on the regular maintenance of equipment or software. Cloud computing allows you update your system, pay for what you need, and modify it easily.

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