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What is Password in today’s Technology? 

Understanding “what is password” is easy for all computer users, but its recent evolution and technical developments. Losing a password, forgetting it, or having an account deactivated are just some of the inconveniences people try to avoid at all costs. These can be critical issues when seen with a viewpoint in some organization. It can […]

How Secure is my Password in the face of today’s hackers? 

Understanding ‘how secure is my password’ is often the job of a software, but your responsibility is of paramount importance as a systems user. Any login ID is usually associated with one password, which may be in the knowledge of a group or just one individual. The authorized person may be highly ranked, but his […]

Passwords in our life – interesting facts 

Passwords have always reserved a special place in our memory, but maintaining adequate security arrangements goes beyond that. Most people using passwords for their email accounts, work logs and bank transactions need to change their passwords according to security rules. Even if you have a tough time remembering new passwords, you may have no way […]