Password Generator for the Puzzled User

Password generatorA password generator can be helpful in a number of ways. While it helps you create and use hard-to-decode passwords, the extent to which it can make passwords impossible to crack, depends on the generator algorithm. Although you may not have access to the source code responsible for generating a password, you are always at liberty to choose an alternative generator online. Online options are simply vast in number, and you can use them to get unparalleled access to the most robust passwords, proven to last millions of years even in the face of the most intrusive hacking algorithms!

Find a password generator on-line

If you are looking for a good password and cannot think of any, passwords can be obtained from various online publications. The websites are highly cohesive in their modules, and generate passwords with 100% confidentiality. They are known for high-standard algorithms and a frequent chain of systematic changes in certain parts of them. This helps in achieving zero transparency for hackers, who may be designing algorithms to decode your passwords generated by the websites.

Is an alphanumeric password generator easy to remember?

Alphanumeric passwords are the most common and acceptable style of passwords, and they are often difficult to remember. Alphanumeric passwords may also have special characters such as ‘!’, ‘$’, ‘@’ and the like. However, with the technology of today, you can supply a simple password you can think of, enter your website name and find a strong password generated automatically. And that too will be the easiest to remember among all alternatives if you found a good website.

Word based password generators

Password generators are often word based, and they try to increase password strength by mixing lower and upper case letters. These passwords are easy to remember, but the jumbled characters could make them as difficult as the alphanumeric types. As a result, you should remember how you can make use of passwords without too many numbers and “jumbled” letters. A good word based generated password is one which is too long for hackers and carries sense only for you.

It is definitely advisable to have a complicated set of digits and characters, and long passwords take longer time to crack with the help of iteration-based software programs.

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