How Secure is my Password in the face of today’s hackers?

Password failureUnderstanding ‘how secure is my password’ is often the job of a software, but your responsibility is of paramount importance as a systems user. Any login ID is usually associated with one password, which may be in the knowledge of a group or just one individual. The authorized person may be highly ranked, but his subordinates, for emergency or multi-session access, may know the password as well. This is a system that does not match an individual or personal password-protection system, which is completely private unlike that in an organization.
In order to know how secure is my password, I would first like to know where it is going to be used. Your password needs to be a little extra strong in some cases. Here is how you do it:

Knowing the environment adequate password strength

Passwords take form at the client end, or at the user interface of a login/registration page, and become the value of the password field of that web page, for that user and instance. The value of the password field can also originate when a user puts locks on a particular document. In both cases, you need to identify the source, path and destination of the password. In most cases, the field value is transmitted to the server, where a program verifies if the user is authenticated. However, a strong password used to lock documents needs hash-code protection, which is supplied by most password applications online.

Understanding password longevity

Using important web pages like your email, transaction pages and others can be very important in the context of password changing. Remember that all passwords are tested to have a limited lifespan, no matter how long that may be for strong passwords. An exceptional hacker may be able to run the algorithm over a few weeks and discover your password. As a result, be it in the ATM, phone banking, online transaction or email login page, you will need to ensure that you have changed your password once a month or as per the recommended frequency by your service provider.

Changing passwords security as per guidelines

Not only is it a safety tip to change your guidelines well ahead of their expiry date on banking websites and other important web resources, but most crucial when you want to avoid inconveniences. It is needless to say how bad hassles could be when you are about to make an important transaction, and find out that you were too late in changing your password.

Golden safety tip:

Never ignore the password strength checker while creating it for important websites.

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