Passwords in our life – interesting facts

password hackPasswords have always reserved a special place in our memory, but maintaining adequate security arrangements goes beyond that. Most people using passwords for their email accounts, work logs and bank transactions need to change their passwords according to security rules. Even if you have a tough time remembering new passwords, you may have no way out of the problem. Most organizations have password protection systems developed according to recently set quality standards, and the procedures can be a little complicated for first-timers.

However, you should have no qualms about security systems that are more innovative. Hardware tokens, USB authentication and wireless access to systems are some of the new technologies that have made it easier to protect your business or online personals. Here are some interesting facts password users have caused over the last few decades:

    • Some people own more than 1,000 email accounts alone, causing their business or promotional schemes to become more widespread. Remembering passwords for them is easy because they use various tabulation tools for fetching the right data at the right time.


    • The average number of passwords, used by a single person can average between 6 and 7, depending on the frequency of workstations per unit population. However, some people may use each of these passwords for an inordinately large number of accounts, making one-password theft a hazard that can cause multiple account hacking.


    • When deciding your password, you should be extra careful because hackers have knowledge about which profile-types use what passwords. For example, in a recent survey, it was discovered that high-authority personnel use romantic passwords quite frequently!


    • Users usually change their passwords on an average of 2.5 – 3 years.


  • Even the biggest passwords can take very little time to crack. Some time ago, a 64-character long password was decoded in minutes, especially because of easy-to-predict phrases and portions. A third of all women in this world use their boyfriends’, husband’s or partner’s name in passwords, while only five percent of men have shown similar behavior.

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