How to Reset BIOS Password

How many times have you created passwords on devices, but do not remember what it is? Also access to the computer can be blocked as the result of accidental use of a BIOS password by someone else. Fortunately, there are some methods on how to reset BIOS password without much effort.

bios password

Resetting bios password with utility software

In case you are well versed in the operation of your desktop computer and its system, you can write an application to sniff out the password. Otherwise, there are some software programs that can be used to reset the BIOS password. The choice of the best software is based on the type of BIOS, but most of them work on all PCs. These applications either reset the password or just reset the BIOS itself and remove the password.

Resetting bios password using hardware

ami bios chip
If password recovery via the software does not work, you can do it using hardware. It is imperative that you have sufficient knowledge on hardware before trying this method. Since the BIOS password is stored in the CMOS memory, when the computer is off, removing the CMOS battery also removes all data including the password. When turning on, enter the correct CMOS setup information to use the computer. If a battery is soldered to the motherboard, use a jumper to erase the BIOS password. You can find more information on its location in the documentation for the motherboard. Also you can short two points at the place where the battery connects to the motherboard. Be very careful when you do it if you do not want to unnecessarily damage your motherboard. Keep in mind that removing the CMOS battery may not work to reset the bios password on laptop. You may need to bring your gadget to a service center.

What alternatives do you have?

If the method with bios battery removal does not work, look at the Real Time Clock on your motherboard and reset it. As usual, you can simply remove it from its socket and replace to reset the BIOS password.

Another method on how to remove bios password is using the solutions defined by the computer manufacturers. Depending on the brand of your laptop or netbook each of these methods varies accordingly.

There can be a backdoor password enabling access to the system if you don’t know how to reset bios password. These passwords are used by the manufacturers to enter the system, regardless of the password set by the user.

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