iPhone 4 carrier unlock software: free, easy and effective

An iPhone is a tech gadget everyone “must have.” Its sales continue to be phenomenal, exceeding all Apple’s expectations. iPhones are popular all over the world and people buy them every day without realizing that AT&T is the only US network officially compatible with the phone. Of course, nothing in modern technology is carved in stone and you can change every device in every way you want. And you can use your new iPhone with another phone network – but first you’ll need to use a tool or some type of software that will allow you to change its settings. The good news is you do not have to spend half the price of your iPhone to do it thanks to iPhone 4 carrier unlock software. Do not fall into a $ 15 fake unlocking tool; it is absolutely free worldwide.

Locked phones are quite common in cases when they are purchased from the carrier. It can be a huge deal when your iPhone is locked to a single network because it makes it harder for you to use any other network, even when you travel abroad. But there are effective and legal means that you can use to unlock your phone with ease and continue to enjoy the services that you want.

How it all started, how it all works

When the iPhone became available for purchase a few years ago, the main condition for enabling it as a cell phone was registering to a 2-year contract with AT&T. The trick is that people do not like to be told what network they must use. Also the AT&T service is far from perfect with many serious drawbacks.

Frankly speaking, you can try to unlock the phone by contacting AT&T. In most cases, mobile networks will not have a problem with this as long as your contract is thorough and fees are paid. Some may require you to have a valid reason to unlock it such as traveling to a different country. On the other side, if you want to switch to another carrier you definitely need to know more about iPhone 4 carrier unlock software.

Do not waste your money!

Although free iPhone 4 carrier unlock software is just a few clicks away, a lot of users try to spend their money with a price up to 50 $ dollars to download some malfunctioning and even dangerous software. These are tools that can actually turn your new gadget into a useless piece of plastic. Why would you pay for a doubtful product when you could get a free and effective solution? Apple notifies its users that “jailbreaking” the device may cause some damage. Yes, there is a small chance to cause more bad than good, but it is easy to avoid any problem if you choose proper unlocking software.

New and endless possibilities

Unlocking not only allows you to change your cell phone network, it also allows you to import movies, games and music into the device. Buying an iPhone you buy a great entertainment center. So, why would you want to restrict your experience? There are many places online to download music, movies, applications, games and more for the iPhone. A complaint filed by iPhone owners is the downloading process is incredibly slow. And there is a way to bypass slow downloading by unlocking your iPhone. A simple free solution to avoid the aggravation of waiting and waiting!

Today the iPhone 4 carrier unlock software comes with easy to follow instructions on “jailbreaking” and activating the gadget. If you want to use your iPhone on a cell carrier of your choice, you can download such a tool for free.

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