Multifactor authentication is the best way to prevent identity theft and security breaches

Multifactor authentication isn’t a new concept, but has grown in popularity dramatically in recent years. Multifactor authentication is the strategy of using many authentication methods to access specific application or data on a network or PC.

Why do we need it?

With so many ways to steal password of any user, multifactor authentication is a means to secure data with more than one login and password. Even if these logins and passwords are compromised, then the cybercriminal will still need additional information for access to sensitive data. Multifactor authentication does not necessarily mean just adding another login and stronger password. This can be a security token or application code as well. For example, once you log in with a login and password, the site also asks you for the name of your pet that you entered setting up this account. This message may further hinder the attempts to access your info.

One-time passwords

There are many multifactor authentication solutions and to enhance security one-time passwords are very effective. This strategy consists of using a security token or other method that will generate a new password every minute or two. This way you can use the password shown on the token as the second authentication factor. After you have used this password, it is invalid and never used again. This is authentication software that prevents many kinds of intrusion. If cybercriminals were able to intercept the hash of the authentication transaction, by the time when they completed the decryption, the password will be changed for another.


Another technique for multifactor authentication is the use of biometrics. This security method includes some type of mechanical scanning on the body of the user, such as a fingerprint or retina of the eyes. Adding multifactor authentication where the second factor authentication is something specific to that user means a much higher level of security.

The best and most reliable solution

The benefits of multi factor authentication are well-known and it is used by many companies and organizations every day. It is particularly popular with online websites, where financial transactions are involved. It is used in research labs, medical centers, offices and even in some local ATM machines and in modern gadgets like tablets. Thanks to multi factor authentication, people can enjoy a reliable and highly secure system that is heavily protected from all known means of breaches.

It seems reasonable to suppose that multifactor authentication will become the standard security method in the future. Whether it’s just one additional question, the use of a safety token, biometrics, additional security is a must if we want to protect sensitive information.

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