2 factor authentication solutions are the future of IT security

How can we protect ourselves from advanced technologies used by cybercriminals and the man in the middle attacks? It looks like 2 factor authentication solutions are the future of IT security. Industry giants like Microsoft, Google, PayPal and Bank of America have introduced two-factor authentication in their business.

Why is it so important?

Network security requires an effective strategy that addresses the dynamic and unstable Internet security risks, man-in-the-middle attacks and evolving list of vulnerabilities organizations have to deal with today. As such, the two-factor authentication has become not only a security method, but a real need for a multi-layered approach to security. Secure remote access that is legitimate without being too complex for users is a vital necessity today.

The two factor authentication is an improvement over traditional security methods, eliminating the vulnerability regarded lost or stolen tokens or other PKI authentication problems such as viruses and other malware.

User-friendly and cost-effective solutions

The fact that the 2 way authentication method is reliable and easy to use is also essential. Many security products say they are easy and effective, but the infrastructure is often so awkward and unwieldy in large networks. It is one thing if a security product is easy for IT staff to navigate and use, but it should also be one that requires very little end-user education to really work and be used as intended. Security can be extremely expensive, particularly for large organizations, so 2 factor authentication not only addresses the ease of use, but the cost factor.

How does it work?

So what is two factor authentication? Using this security strategy, a user connects to a secure authentication server. At this point, the server generates and sends a password through an alternative means, such as SMS, e-mail or by phone. Once the user has successfully completed this process, he/she is granted an access. This way, another security layer is added requiring that the users have access to the external channel (their cell phone, email, etc.).

Dual factor authentication is a security solution that requires more than one security level to identify a user and access without the problem of weak passwords or expensive tokens. Today, passwords are the most common but obsolete solution susceptible to security breaches. So, why do many sites require nothing more than the usual password? It is time to move forward. 2 factor authentication solutions are not perfect, but it is a growing technology that will advance and develop, so many companies have found success in the adoption of these solutions in their businesses.

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